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Blue Pencil evaluations

Do you have a manuscript or illustration portfolio that needs a professional evaluation?

CANSCAIP’s Blue Pencil Evaluation Program is a membership benefit for Friends and Members that offers a professional evaluation of manuscripts, works-in-progress, or illustration portfolios by a traditionally published Member. 

After payment of a $25 administration fee, the Blue Pencil program allows Members and Friends to:

  • Receive a professional critique from a CANSCAIP Member author, illustrator, or editor who has experience editing and/or teaching
  • Browse, choose and contact their selected evaluator from the Blue Pencil Directory of evaluator profiles and biographies for 30 days
  • Agree upon the project, fee, and method of payment with their evaluator
Prior to starting the evaluation, Blue Pencil evaluators will collect payment directly from their client in the manner they agreed upon.

Ready to hire your evaluator? CLICK HERE to start the process and gain access to the Blue Pencil Directory.

The Blue Pencil Evaluation Program is a membership benefit for CANSCAIP Friends and Members. Not already a Friend or Member? JOIN

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