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Lindsey Carmichael never outgrew that stage of childhood when nothing's more fun than amazing your friends (and correcting your teachers!) with your stockpile of weird and wonderful facts. Her sense of wonder came in handy during her career as a scientist, and in 2006, she received the Governor General's Medal for her PhD thesis, Ecological Genetics of Northern Wolves and Arctic Foxes. Lindsey finds talking about science more fun than doing it, however, and now writes for kids, teens, and occasionally adults (a sense of wonder is essential for this, too).

Lindsey publishes under the name L. E. Carmichael, and her work has appeared in Dig, Highlights for Children, Kiki, and Canadian Tales of the Fantastic. Her published science books cover everything from animal migration to hybrid cars, and Fox Talk: How Some Very Special Animals Helped Scientists Understand Communication, won a 2014 Benjamin Franklin Awards Silver Medal. When not digging up obscure or wacky details for her next nonfiction project, Lindsey's probably working on her young adult fantasy novel.
Available For
school visits
How Do Video Games Work? (September 2015) Lerner. Minneapolis, MN

What Are Programs and Apps? (September 2015) Lerner. Minneapolis, MN

Forensic Science: In Pursuit of Justice. (January 2015) ABDO Publishing. Minneapolis, MN

Amazing Feats of Civil Engineering. (Sept 2014) ABDO Publishing. Minneapolis, MN

Fuzzy Forensics: DNA Fingerprinting Gets Wild. (Sept 2014) Ashby-BP Publishing. Edmonton, AB

Living with Obesity. (2014) ABDO Publishing. Minneapolis, MN

Living with Scoliosis. (2014) ABDO Publishing. Minneapolis, MN

Fox Talk: How Some Very Special Animals Helped Scientists Understand Communication. (2013) Ashby-BP Publishing. Edmonton, AB

Gene Therapy. (2013) ABDO Publishing. Minneapolis, MN

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. (2013) ABDO Publishing. Minneapolis, MN

The Scientific Method in the Real World (2013) ABDO Publishing. Minneapolis, MN

"From Wolf To Woof" (January 2013) Dig Magazine.

"A Fox in the Doghouse" (January 2013) Dig Magazine.

"Bringing Up Baby Fox" (June 2012) Highlights for Children.

Humpback Whale Migration (2012) The Child's World. Mankato, MN

Locust Migration (2012)The Child's World. Mankato, MN

Zebra Migration (2012)The Child's World. Mankato, MN
Finalist, 2014 USA Best Books, for FUZZY FORENSICS

2014 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal, for FOX TALK

Finalist, 2013 USA Best Books, for FOX TALK
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